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We are conscious that eye tracking technology can be a life changing experience.
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Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)​

With eyetuitive, individuals with speech and physical impairments can communicate more effectively than ever before. Our solution serves as a bridge, transforming eye movements into meaningful communication, enabling users to express their feelings, needs, and thoughts.


We recognize that every individual’s needs are unique. That’s why eyetuitive offers a range of customizable settings, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality for each user.

Computer Control

Navigate the digital world with just a glance. From browsing the web to accessing apps, GazeFirst’s eye-tracking technology provides an intuitive, hands-free computer control experience. It’s empowerment, redefined.

Learning & Education

Adaptable and user-friendly, our solution aids educators and therapists in creating tailored learning experiences for students with disabilities. eyetuitive provides real-time feedback, ensuring that each user’s unique needs are met.

Entertainment & Leisure

Enjoying favorite games, movies, or digital art becomes a more inclusive experience with eyetuitive. Our technology breaks barriers, ensuring that leisure is accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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